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References and Links to Papers


Disentangling aporophobia from xenophobia in the EU-15 (2024)
Valerio Mendoza, O.M.; Comim, F.; Borsi, M.T.

Regional Studies


Valuing Children: Parents’ Perceptions, Spending Priorities and Children’s Capabilities (2024)
Wang-Lu, H.; Comim, F.; Valerio Mendoza, O.M.

Job prospects and labour mobility in China (2023)
Wang-Lu, H.; Valerio Mendoza, O.M.

The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development

Measuring the sustainable development goals: A poset analysis (2022)
Hirai, T.; Comim, F.

Ecological Indicators

Sustainability and Human Development Indicators: A Poset Analysis (2022)
Comim, F.; Hirai, T.

Ecological Economics


Are AI systems biased against the poor? A machine learning analysis using Word2Vec and GloVe embeddings (2022)
Curto, G.; Jojoa Acosta, M.F.; Comim, F.; et al. 

AI & society

Human capital dynamics in China: Evidence from a club convergence approach (2022)
Valerio Mendoza, O.M.; Borsi, M. T.; Comim, F.

Journal of Asian Economics

Measuring the provincial supply of higher education institutions in China (2022)
Borsi, M. T.; Valerio Mendoza, O. M.; Comim, F.

China Economic Review


How social movements contribute to staying within the global carbon budget: Evidence from a qualitative meta-analysis of case studies (2022)
Thiri, M. A.; Villamayor-Tomás, S.; Scheidel, A.; Demaria, F.

Ecological Economics

Uprooted by tsunami: A social vulnerability framework on long-term reconstruction after the Great East Japan earthquake (2021)
Thiri, M. A.

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction


A Poset-Generalizability Method for Human Development Indicators (2021)
Comim, F.

Social Indicators Research

Mumbai City

Realising the Demographic Dividend: Policies to Achieve Inclusive Growth in India (2021)

Journal of Human Development and Capabilities

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